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love is a dangerous angel

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krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
20 August
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"tell them stories"
-phillip Pullman, the amber spyglass

this is my story...

once there was a girl who sometimes thought she was going crazy. she wasn't an angel, she wasn't a devil. she was something mortal, something bright, something awkwardly beautiful.

she thought her life must be a fairy tale because it was filled with magic and beautiful things and love. wickedness and goodness walked hand in hand in the garden of her mind and she loved it. she was punkrock, pinkhaired. a princess, a pirate, a pixie. whatever she wished. and she happy.

this girl once sat down and read the story of her life and thought "that's it?" she wanted to be like the girls she read about; strong and bold and fierce and in love. she wanted to be a girl-love warrior running through the canyons of shangri-l.a. she wanted to be a mermaid- shining pearl hair, ocean eyes, fish tail, deadly voice. she wanted to be a Childlike Empress, a Princess Bride, an Angel of Music, a Lady Knight, a Dangerous Angel, a Shield Maiden. Girl Goddess, Mother of All. she wanted to tell them stories and make them weep and cry and laugh and sing. she wanted her stories to be the best of them all, and she wanted them to be about love. she had many loves- her slinkster friends who knew her better than she knew herself. there was the green-eyed mother-friend and all her brother- and sister-friends, beautiful eyes, blue and green and brown. she had her books, the girls she read about and admired and adored and loved. she had her family, who took care of her and bought her things and told her she was loved and beautiful, even if she never quite believed them about the beautiful part and never doubted about the loved. those were her loves and they were sweet and she loved them sweetly; and her story should have been complete but it was not because she wanted more. she wanted the best story, and maybe it was coming and maybe it was not but either way she wanted it, even though the books she read told her it was a dangerous angel.

it was love and she found it & she lost it & she knows herself better, now. she's less sure & more scared & more on her own than she's ever been before. she's taking a breath & going ahead...

This is my life.This is my story.

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