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love is a dangerous angel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]

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moving on [Mar. 24th, 2007|11:52 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
"kristina" was the name my parents gave me instead of helena or elizabeth.
"krissy" was what i referred to myself as instead of "kristy," which my mother tried to call me.
"kiki" was what my brother said decided on when his baby-tongue couldn't pronounce "krissy"
"kristopolis" is what i called myself, when i was fifeteen years old & decided to be a pirate.

i can't do the cool link thing that i should probably be able to after six years on livejournal, but my new account is "kristopolis". add me so we can stay friends. chances are, i love you.

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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2007|04:57 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
today i am eighteen years & seven months old & i'm not sure who i am anymore.
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diy haircut [Mar. 16th, 2007|05:56 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
toby helped a little...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2007|05:45 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
today has been sunlight, bare feet, flowers, a boy playing a bongo drum, horses with their old wise eyes & big teeth & beautiful legs, climbing in the kissing tree, mud squishing up between toes, & smiles.

sometimes, on days when toby & i careen about campus & play in barns & climb trees & it's sunny & warm & there are birds singing, some days i am really very happy to go to uconn.

it's wonderfully, blessedly, stunningly beautiful outside. our sun-deprived bodies were melting in the air, & toby & i were both practically vibrating with happiness. we ate apples as we walked around the fields. we blew into the noses of horses so they would know us, & watched with abject adoration on our faces as girls exercises polo ponies. we discovered the kissing tree & passed the boy playing bongos [i gave toby a dollar to put in his jar & he said "god bless you girls!]. we went to the co-op & i bought a bathing suit & toby bought flowers. we went past the boys playing the bongo & toby put more money in his jar, & we sat in the sun & took off our shoes & ate stawberry fruit snacks & goldfish crackers. jon asked our names & told us his. his friend was named don, which we thought was funny. jon told us that the people at uconn need a revolution, to be more friendly & happy & have more fun- but not the drinking kind of fun. toby & i were buzzed on sun light. i went to class with no shoes & put a flower in jon's jar. when i was walking home from arjona, an old man with a big beard said "i love those bare feet! that's the way to go!" & i thanked him. now i have a midterm to study for, but i'm too happy to concentrate on anything serious, like cicero's pro caelio speech or different exempla from livy. spring fever? perhaps. but, oh, i'm happy happy happy.
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on my eighteenth & a half birthday [Feb. 20th, 2007|05:37 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
today i woke up & it was warm outside ["warm" = "thirty-nine degrees fahrenheit" instead of the "seventeen" the temperature has been hovering around]. i walked to the dining hall with toby in only a sweatshirt! i ate some hash & lucky charms for breakfast. then i went to class, taking the very long way & happily skipping over puddles & singing along with my ipod & generally looking like a fool.

after class [contemporary germany] toby & i heated up pizza for lunch & ate it. i did some laundry, took a shower, curled & pinned up my hair, put on hot pink fishnets & garters & went to my next class. my professor poked fun at me for listening to music so loud. i really like her, her name is martina & she is from hamburg. we all spoke in german for an hour about the differences between hauptschule, realschule, & gymnasium & then i went to the no-sweat-fashion-show tryouts. i had to walk up & down the stage & hold a number & smile. will i become the next twiggy, fashion icon of a generation? only time will tell!

after that i wondered around to the comic book store & bought a really slink morpheus candle, a batman chose your own adventure book & a batman comic. i am so excited. i have like, over a hundred pages of reading to do for sci-fi & roman civ combined but i think instead of cicero, i am going to read BATMAN. cos i'm awesome like that. & it's my half-birthday, fools!

so that is my day so far. mostly now i think i will be reading & giggling manically to myself as i decide batman's fate. awesome.
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2007|09:55 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
everyone has a story to tell.
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music that makes life worth living [Jan. 14th, 2007|01:41 am]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
first there was kevin devine & then there was, as ever, the dresden dolls, but i will start in the beginning- but, oh, right now i am so fucking exhausted [& exhilerated! & happy] that i am giving new meaning to the term "running on empty"

so let me say- rew drove us all the way to boston today, to see the onion cellar [the show by amanda palmer] & i don't have words to describe the love, the passion, the work & the feeling that must have went into that production.

amanda was flawless, perfect because of her imperfections & not in spite of them. she's my hero & i hero-worship her, but she makes me believe i can be whatever i want, change the world, be myself. brian gave a beautiful drum solo- the kind where you could see the sweat flicking off of his shoulders & his hair, which was braided back, eventually whipping across his face in a frenzy of motion. it was so raw, & intense, & real.

it was beautiful & i'd like to describe it more, not to mention give justice to the beautiful sloe-eyed singer that is kevin devine but oh! i'm silly with sleepiness. it will have to wait.

but, oh, god, to feel, like that. to love & feel & not be afraid of feeling & loving! beautiful, beautiful.
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2007|11:15 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
entering this new year broke, jobless, boyfriendless, directionless. bored & restless. it's gonna be fucking awesome! hey, i've got nothing to lose, right?

no smudged eyeliner & no waist-length pink & punk hair, but i'm still me, my eyes are still blue. i'm finding a new me, a more grown up me, a me that won't break so much or so easily.

[i still have chipped red nail varnish]

i want to go back to school. i feel rested & refreshed & ready to try again. maybe i can make it work this time, for real. everything- or at least something. school work or relationships or myself. something will work. maybe everything.

i'm ready to let it all go.



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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2006|04:11 pm]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
merry fucking christmas!
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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2006|12:30 am]
krissy fribby slink [the punkrock pixie princess]
i was cranky last night; it's finally cold like it's supposed to be in december [no more sitting outside in the sun & eating ice cream for tobys & krissys]. we have to bundle up up up to go outside & i feel like a penguin, waddling around campus. i wish it would snow, it would provide visual, i'm not sure what, but then i could see the cold, & besides, snow is so pretty & it's been so long.

i remember one winter? two winters? ago, when it was so so so cold [it must have been when i was sixteen because everything was frozen & cold then, the buses for school wouldn't even start one day]& the housatonic was just ice for what seemed like the longest time- & everything was just white & ice & snow & i was so sick & tired of being cold. & then one day, right in the middle of the river, there was just a tiny, teensy streak of running water in the center of all that ice & i almost cried, i was so happy. just to see that there was life, again, that it was coming back. when it rained i tucked myself into bed & just listened to it, the sounds of the rain, because it was so sweet & it had been so long since i had heard anything but the silent fall of snow.

but now it's the other way- i've heard the rain, the leaves are gone, it's cold, i don't have any boots but i have new gloves & so: snow!

today i actually felt like myself in a pleasant way. i failed an astronomy lab final & i ran to eat lunch & then to another final which ended up being making a monument out of clay. so i had clay dust on my sweatshirt & in my fingernails & in the creases of my palms & it felt like old times. i made holiday cards for political prisoners. i carried the extra clay back to the room & stopped at an art exhibit & got red paint all over my hand touching the piece that directed me to lay hands on it. i felt smudged & creative, having just made a sculpture & cards, carting clay back to the room.

toby & i actually had friends today; we went out to eat with them & they bought us dinner. we all came back to our room & made clay things [a little snowman & a little fat man & a big scary man who is mostly chin who is now inhabiting toby's lederhosen] & i was happy. people! new people! in our room! talking & laughing & having fun! how exciting :)

then we had to go an observing session on the ROOF in the DARK & COLD. there were so many people there...but we were still freezing. sean called when i was on the roof & when i told him where i was & how much we were freezing he walked all the way from towers, to the library, back to the physics building to bring toby & i hot chocolate & doughnuts. for those of you who are not comfortable with the geography of uconn, that is a very, very long walk. he is totally getting sexual favors for that hot chocolate run :p

okay, so this entry is long & rambling & toby has just shut off the lights, so i think it's time for bed :) peace.
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